best desserts for diabetics

Sugar Free Desserts

Chocolate Muss Souffle: Diabetic Friendly, Gluten & Dairy Free, Sugar Free Desserts

by D Nan

Often I need chocolate. I need it so much so I’m ready to do stupid things about. Sometimes you just need s/t sweet. Sugar free desserts are just what you’ll need. Have to be sweet but not too sweet so you begging for more chocolate. Sometimes you need cake or muss. Or Diabetic Friendly, Sugar Free Desserts like Chocolate Muss Souffle.

Sugar Free Desserts

Chocolate Souffles


While this isn’t a typical souffle that you whip egg glair and sugar together, definatly will have the same effect even without the sugar. Be 100% sure of this!

It’s all for one here and less than 1o1 calories. Itonly 2 Weight Watchers points extra! Isn’t this a win wind position? The sweetest thing of this Sugar free dessert is that it can be made in less than 18 min! And is Diabetic friendly.

Diabetic Sweets Muss

Chocolate muss

A bit of advice? Prepare only when needed. Having extra around, defiantly not the best idea if you are watching your weight and trying to lose. It’s really good, but and tempting as well. Gluten free diabetic desserts are better alternative to variety of diabetic sweets distributed around.

You could always divide the recipe for 2 people just doubling the ingredients especially the batter and pouring into two pots rather than just one. Than split the calories and nutrition info as well. But this is also veryl good, just less of Chocolate Muss Souffle yumminess for you! Sugar Free Desserts have to be calculated according to diabetic nutrition and meal plan. Diabetic dessert need a good calculation of calories even when we strict to Sugar Free Desserts.

dessert recipes

dessert recipes

All ingredients could be subbed. You can use coca powder in place of carob powder. You can use whatever milk you like. It’s not necessary to use almond milk – we just like it but many people are not like us. You can replace stevia with a stevia of your choice. Of course can use 1 egg glair instead of a 1/4 cup if you don’t normally buy eggs. Have to remember nutrition info will change with any ingredient change as well.


Nutrition Facts:

Servings: 1 Calories per serving: 94 Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 0.56mg Sodium: 265mg Carbs: 19g Fiber: 2.5g Sugars: 4.3g Protein: 6g


  • 1 spoon gluten free flour [from Costco]
  • 1 poon carob. Could be changed with cocoa. Have in mind that have to be sugar free
  • 3 tablespoons almond milk, unsweetened
  • 1 egg glair
  • 1 small spoon baking-powder
  • 1/2  small spoon powdered sweeter (stevia is the best)
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
best desserts for diabetics

best diabetic meal


Prepare oven by heating it to around 320 degrees. Sprinkle around 7-9 ounce souffle with cooking SPRAYER. Whisk together all ingredients. Pour batter into soup-plate. Bake for 18-25 minutes. If not sure wait until center looks a bit dry and set. Dust with powdered sweetener, sliced almonds and carob chips if desired.


Sugar Free Desserts

Mediterranean Style Pumpkin:  Sugar Free Recipes

This hearty mix of  spice vegetables, turmeric, cumin, and coriander, features a secret Mediterranean Style -inspired ingredient: dried apricots.

Meal for 4 persons

Time needed for preparation: 15 min
Time for cooking: 25 min

  • a cup leeks, halved lengthwise and sliced
  • a cup parsnips, cut into half inch cubes
  • a piece of pumpkin, well peeled as well as seeded, and cut into half inch cubes
  • 2 cups yellow and/or sliced green summer squash,
  • a red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
  • half cup dried apricots, chopped
  • half teaspoon turmeric
  • half teaspoon coriander
  • Pinch of cumin and 2 cups low-sodium vegetable stock
  • a can around 14 oz. lima beans, rinsed and drained
  • Pinch of crushed dried red pepper flakes, or to taste (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • two pine nuts for garnish
  • Fresh parsley or cilantro for garnish /chopped /

1. Combine vegetable run of the mill, coriander tea spoon, cumin, leeks, and parsnips in oven and boil. Reduce heat to medium, cover pot, and simmer for 6 min.
2. Add pumpkin, squash, and red pepper to pot, and then bring them back and boil. Stirring in the apricots, lima beans and red pepper flakes, if using. Season – salt and pepper. Reduce heat, cover the cooking pot, and simmer for 12 min. Just until vegetables tender  enough.
3. During that time, toast pine nuts over moderate heat.  Stirring constantly so they begin to brown. You will smell nutty. Then remove pine nuts. Put them on the cutting wood. Chop them coarsely.
4. Put vegetables into four good plates. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and parsley and serve.

Per serving: 250 cal, 4 g fat,

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